Global Bus Lines is a full service Alberta Charter Bus Lines. If you are a group requiring a professional Charter Bus company that offers excellent personalized service, you have come to the right place.


There are many advantages to taking a bus. Here we highlight just some of those advantages, and why we think that you should be using the professional passenger transportation services of Global Bus Lines on your next excursion.

Driver Fatigue:

How many of you like to drive a car load of people (unless you are a bus driver of course) to the game or event, sometimes it takes hours of organizing, then the driver, stopping for fuel, finding parking, and the worst of it the fatigue that the driver of the car or van, endangering lives. This happens because the driver is usually not accustomed to long hauls with passengers. Global Bus Lines has professional drivers to take care of this problem for you. With a chartered bus, you no longer have to take unnecessary risks.

Group Dynamics:

Going as a team on a large bus is of immeasurable value to your group dynamics. TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More, and when you are all on the bus, you are going to the event together, and you achieve more. Not only that, but we can guarantee the group as a whole will have a lot of fun going on a bus. If everyone is having fun, then the event is a sccess.

Comfort & Convenience:

In a bus, you can get up and walk around when your buttocks is tired of sitting. Every bus has a clean washroom, so there is not need for a stop at public bathrooms every hour or two. In addition, every bus is equipped with DVD and monitors, an excellent convenience. With a bus, you have a chauffeur at your disposal, so as a group you can go anywhere and do anything you want. One more thing, when you are driving through a scenic area, ALL members of the group can take in the sites, since those that would normally have been driving cars/vans are now passengers with the rest of the group.

Cars & The Environment:

You use a lot less fuel with one bus than you otherwise would with 5 or 6 cars/vans. In addition to this environmental savings, you reduce the wear and tear on the personal vehicles which would have been used for the trip.